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BNI Northeast Texas Office
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Phone:  214-336-8255
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Steve Bisset

Phone 903-702-8003

Mr. Steve Bisset
Team Medical Technologies
211 Dolores Dr
Marshall, TX 75672

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Steve Bisset

Team Medical Technologies
Chapter: BNI Income by Referrals

Medical, Medical Supplies

My Businesswe deal with a device that helps restore the microvascular system damaged by disease, wounds, excessive workout, or other means by triggering the natural vasomotion necessary for the capillaries to carry oxygen and nutrients to the damaged areas, as well as carry away the acid, waste, and other by products. You can also watch "bemer testimonials" on YouTube: You can go to my website to see the device, purchase, and sign on as a distributor. Scroll way down until you see "become a distributor " and click

Ideal Referralnew homeowner looking to dream more on their outdoor living areas

Top Productartificial stone

Top Problem Solveddeveloping schematic for a timed intermitant water park for dogs

My Favorite BNI StoryI surprised a fellow BNI person with what we did in a 60sec, and immediately received a very lucrative lead

My Ideal Referral PartnerShane Goswick - lawn maintenance